Evolution <> NFT distribution

Technical update, Board members.

In the process of generating and deploying the DeltaCITY Collection, we hit unexpected technical limitations in the way BSC Network handles our NFTs, and support for after market sales.

We are now working on migrating and deploying future NFT generation process to Polygon Matic, with view to host the collection with OpenSea.io.

All holders of existing minted DeltaCITY NFTs, and Mint Passes, should expect in the near future to receive their equivalent NFT on Polygon Matic network.

Will share more details and information soon™ including how to add Polygon network to Metamask, and easily bridge funds from BSC to Polygon Matic in time for the next drop!

In collaboration with OpenDAO + iMe Lab

To supercharge LIME-USDO liquidity on Binance Smart Chain, iME Lab have provided 2.67 million $LIME tokens as rewards in their 6 month farm.

Farm begins ~4hrs from time of publishing, at block number 12585000.
Countdown here: https://www.bscscan.com/block/countdown/12585000

!! How to

1:\> Get $LIME _
Contract address 0x7bC75e291E656E8658D66Be1cc8154A3769A35Dd

  • If holding ERC20 $LIME, first bridge…

NFT Farms are LIVE - Stake $OCP, farm unique Denizen ++ Building NFTs

Launching in 2022, DeltaCITY will be an NFT RPG set in our Cyberpunk Metaverse.

.// DeltaCITY.ocp.finance

As promised! DeltaCITY Drop #2 has arrived.

Drop #1 on NFTb sold out in just 30 seconds!
Awesome, sure, but this time around we’re taking a slightly different approach.
We’re going to slow down the release of this drop , just a little bit.
To give…

Online now! Activated for Yield Minting.

Presenting the latest addition to OmniVAULT yield minting - $LINA vaults.

By leveraging existing OmniSTEAKS farms, this new strategy on OmniVAULT is able to offer the same compound staking APY whilst allowing for Yield Minting $USDO stablecoins.

MCB-BNB Auto-Compounding NOW LIVE on OmniSTEAKS

Excited to announce integration of new auto compounding farms to the OmniSTEAKS platform.

By compounding the existing MCDex pools on PancakeSwap for supercharged yield, and with more and more users already migrating for the juicy STEAKS experience, expect to see this new compounding farm also enabled for Yield Minting in our OmniVAULT.*

*Just as soon™ as it reaches $1Mil TVL 📈

Announcing MCB-BNB LP auto-compounding farm on OmniSTEAKS.

Stake $OCP, farm unique Denizen ++ Building NFTs

Launching in 2022, DeltaCITY will be an NFT RPG set in our Cyberpunk Metaverse.

The first DeltaCITY NFT drop, exclusive INO on NFTb Market — sold out in 30 secs.

We had hoped our OCP community would have chance to buy though. To collect some early .. but who could’ve predicted such overwhelming response.

So what else is there to do, but step up and meet…

Pausing USDO minting, hardening platform smart contracts.

In light of recent DeFi hacks and CREAM exploits we are taking pre-emptive steps to further secure the safety of users and their assets on our platforms.

Beginning immediately - USDO minting has been temporarily paused, however users can still repay outstanding debt.

We are working closely with a freelance security expert who will perform deep penetration testing of our smart contracts, beginning with VAULT.


Why COMP when you can VAULT

Small update today OCP Board Members.

As the first of many baby steps transitioning towards OmniVAULT style staking / borrowing, the Collateral Ratio for $CAKE on OmniCOMP will be reduced to zero.

This Zero Collateral adjustment to OmniCOMP $CAKE will come into effect 29/10 @ 02:00GMT

Users currently staking $CAKE on OmniCOMP will want to move their assets to the superior OmniVAULT - earning…

Otomo OCP

dissonant equilibrium

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